Spinal Care

Man with back pain

Our non-surgical treatments include guided exercise, medication, braces, traction, acupuncture, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

When surgery is unavoidable, the Darroch Brain and Spine Institute uses state-of-the-art facilities at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, the region’s first Level II Trauma Center and a Blue Shield of California Distinction Center for spine surgery. Our specialized, minimally invasive spine surgery offers proven benefits in treating herniated discs, disc degeneration, spinal stenosis (narrowing), fractures, spinal deformity, infections, or tumors.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery offers:

  • A tiny incision, with minimal scarring
  • Minimal risk of damage to muscles, bones, discs, nerves, or blood vessels
  • Less pain after the procedure
  • Rapid recovery